What are the exact sizes of A10 - The Adjustable Bag?
31 x 31 x 41cm, 31 liters (small configuration)
31 x 31 x 61.5cm, 46.5 liters (medium configuration)
31 x 31 x 82cm, 62 liters (large configuration)

Can The Adjustable Bag be thrown into the washing machine?
Since the intensity of all washing machines may vary, we recommend hand washing The Adjustable Bag with cold/warm water and mild soap.

Is there anything like The Adjustable Bag in the market?
The Adjustable Bag is completely new concept and there is nothing like it out there.

Does the bag have any inner structure which impedes it from sagging?
The Adjustable Bag has a simple soft construction with no inner structure. As with all other soft body construction duffles, regardless of weight, when not completely full, The Adjustable Bag will sag. But, this also allows it to expand, contract, and collapse.

Was The Adjustable Bag once called TAB?
Yes, when we first launched A10, it was named TAB, an abbreviation of The Adjustable Tab. However, due to a prior use of the name TAB on an unrelated bag which we weren’t aware of, we had to change the name to A10.

What does A10 stand for?
A10 is the current The Adjustable bag model as we’re working on additional sizes and variations. It means Adjustable to 10 configurations - 3 configurations (duffle, sling, backpack) in 3 sizes each and a collapsed configuration . It also stands for All-In-One.

Does The Adjustable Bag have any inside pockets?
Yes, there is an inside front and inside rear pocket.

How resistant is The Adjustable Bag?
Although we’ve tested the bag with up to 200 pounds, in order to ensure

How many straps will be included with The Adjustable Bag?
We will provide 3 detachable straps. One longer strap for shoulder bag or sling use, and two shorter straps for backpack use.

How many compartments does the bag have?
There is only one compartment but it can expand or contract!

How strong are the plastic buckles?
We are using ABS plastic (not regular PP or PE which a lot of other brands use). These looks the same but ABS is waaay stronger. ABS can sometimes be as durable as metal or even stronger, is much lighter, and will never corrode (this is especially if exposed to salt water). That is why the ABS buckle brands we are using, Duraflex UTX, is also used by companies such as Patagonia. To answer your second question, the removable straps can be stored in the bag when it's expanded, however, in the collapsed mode, the removable straps are not in the bag, but they are extremely easy to roll up and store as well.

How much does The Adjustable Bag weigh?
The bag by itself weight 540 grams / 1.2 pounds. The straps with shoulder pads are an additional 110 grams / 0.24 pounds each. Our goal was try to to make it as light as possible while still being extremely durable.

Will you offer any warranties?
Yes, we will be offering a 3 year limited warranty.

Will The Adjustable Bag fit a yoga mat?
In M configuration A10 is 24.2" which can fit most mats. In L configuration it's 32.25 which will fit all larger mats.

Can The Adjustable Bag be used as a carry on?
Yes, in it’s small configuration and depending on how full it is, in it’s medium configuration.

Can The Adjustable Bag be checked in?
Absolutely, and it’s straps can be completely detached to streamline it.